Statement to UN Human Rights Council, 19th Session, Thematic Panel Discussion on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights re: criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission

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"There are many human rights challenges that must be tackled in order to respond effectively to the ongoing, twinned pandemics of HIV and of HIV-related human rights abuses … we wish to highlight one phenomenon of growing global concern and relevance.

"The epidemic of overly broad criminalization of HIV non‐disclosure, exposure or transmission has:

  • led to unjust prosecutions and convictions;
  • resulted in cruel punishments that shock the conscience of reasonable observers;
  • fuelled misinformation, fear, stigma and prejudice about HIV and people living with HIV; and
  • undermined efforts at HIV prevention and access to care, treatment and support for people living with HIV."

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HIV Legal Network
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Terry Gould
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