HIV/AIDS Policy & Law Review 13(2/3) December 2008

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  • Legislation contagion: building resistance


  • Results of the first North American prescription heroin study are promising
  • New excessive demand policy for immigration applicants
  • British Columbia adopts E-Health Act
  • (Most) political parties respond to questionnaire on AIDS issues during federal election
  • Immigration and Refugee Protection Act amended

In brief

  • Federal Government announces new strategy to eliminate illegal drugs in federal prisons
  • Manitoba passes forced testing legislation
  • Alberta to make personal medical information available on-line


  • Mexico: General Recommendations issued against mandatory HIV testing and discharge from armed forces
  • Cambodia: human trafficking legislation threatens HIV response
  • U.S.: Interim step towards elimination of HIV travel ban
  • Global: Review of injecting drug use and HIV prevalence among users

In brief

  • Uganda: Civil society expresses concern about HIV bill
  • China: Hu Jia wins human rights prize
  • WHO commission reports on social determinant’s of health


  • Vancouver’s supervised injection facility granted constitutional exemption from federal drug law
  • HIV-positive man from DRC deemed a “person in need of protection”
  • Federal Court sets aside decision denying Mexican couple’s claim of persecution
  • Court dismisses HIV-positive man’s application for review of decision not to defer removal from Canada
  • Criminal law and cases of HIV transmission or exposure

In brief

  • Court dismisses Ottawa’s application to uphold federal medical marijuana restrictions


  • Supreme Court of India approves government commitments on health care for people living with HIV
  • European Court rejects Ugandan woman’s claim to stay in the U.K.
  • South African court bans promotion of vitamin treatments as cures for AIDS
  • South African Court: Military cannot exclude HIV-positive people
  • Criminal law and cases of HIV transmission or exposure

In brief

  • HIV-positive Kenyan awarded compensation after being fired
  • Kyrgyzstan: Nine health care workers guilty of negligence causing
  • HIV transmission among children
  • China: Judicial interpretation imposes stricter responsibility for contaminated blood sales
  • Brazilian Appeals Court rules that criminal prosecution for drug possession is unconstitutional
  • Egypt: Sentences upheld for men convicted of “debauchery”


  • Human rights and HIV/AIDS: where are we? and what next?
  • Human rights remain marginalized
  • Rights and policy front and centre at the conference
  • Lessons from Africa: combating the twin epidemics of domestic violence and HIV/AIDS
  • Sexual assault, domestic violence and HIV: promoting women’s rights through legislation
  • HIV is a virus, not a crime
  • Pretrial detention: scale and relevance to HIV/AIDS
  • Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Police raids and violence put sex workers at risk of HIV
  • Violence against sex workers by police and military in Democratic Republic of Congo
  • People with disabilities and the AIDS pandemic: making the link
  • Coerced and forced sterilization of HIV-positive women in Namibia
  • Using strategic litigation to strengthen rights in southern Africa
  • Civil society strategy for the compulsory licensing of lopinavir/ritonavir: the Brazilian case
  • Abuses of women’s rights in sexual and reproductive health-care settings
  • Drawing conceptual linkages: property rights and HIV
  • Measuring for change: a new research initiative by and for people living with HIV
  • Continued challenge posed by HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay and residence
  • Putting the right back into sexual and reproductive rights
  • Yogyakarta Principles: Applying existing human rights norms to sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Rejecting the evidence: Russia’s drug dependence treatment system
  • U.N. guidance note on HIV and sex work “reworked” by activists
  • Recognize sex work as legitimate work

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