Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Healthy Sexuality and Harm Reduction (HSHR) is a service area within the Population and Public Health department of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

The HSHR team works at multiple levels to promote healthy sexuality and harm reduction; to reduce the burden of sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections; to diminish other harms associated with sexuality, drug use, and society’s response to these practices; and to redress social and health inequities.

Our flagship service is Street Connections, a harm reduction and nursing van that drives around the city of Winnipeg six nights a week.


Infectious Syphilis Management Tool

Publication date: 2016
Management tool and algorithm for health care providers managing cases of infectious syphilis. Especially recommended for providers who are less experienced managing syphilis, e.g. in the context of an outbreak. 

Share your results… not your STI

Publication date: 2012
A tool developed to help individuals who’ve tested positive for an STI tell their partners (including conversation starters, etc.).

Youth condom promotion campaign: Logic Model

Publication date: 2014
After the four years of the heads up?! campaign, the Healthy Sexuality and Harm Reduction team in Winnipeg endeavoured to revamp their new condom promotion campaign to have a more specific purpose. This logic model was developed to help explain the...

heads up?! and enjeu?! condom promotion campaign materials

Publication date: 2012
The heads up?! campaign (enjeu?! in French) ran in Winnipeg in fall 2011 (first resource) and then was updated in fall 2012 (other resources). The goal of the campaign was to promote condom use among Winnipeg youth aged 15-19. Evaluations of the heads up?! campaigns...
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