ARCH: HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health

HIV / AIDS Resources & Community Health continues to respond to HIV and AIDS in our community. We also respond to the issue of Hepatitis C in our community

We assist individuals and communities to manage the social effects of HIV and Hepatitis C.

HIV / AIDS Resources & Community Health collaborates with communities to deliver prevention and education programs to populations at-risk and we offer care and support to people living with HIV and Hepatitis C and those at risk.

We support people living with HIV and AIDS and their families, friends and caregivers throughout the progression of the disease.

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We dream of a time and place where everyone is free to live healthy, vital lives.


We provide exemplary multidisciplinary services, education and support in the area of HIV and AIDS through innovative health promotion strategies and community partnerships. 

Our Guiding Principles

Inclusive • Respectful • Caring • Accepting • Client-Based • Passionate & Committed • Accountable • Accessible • Sex-Positive • Client-Centered • Evidence-Based • Anti-Oppressive • Harm Reduction-Based • Asset-Based •  Greater and More Meaningful Involvement of People who live with HIV/AIDS


Opposites Attract: A Guide for Magnetic Relationships

Publication date: 2014
Finding out your partner or potential partner is HIV+ (positive) can be an overwhelming experience. Feeling worried, scared and alone are normal responses for both of you. This resource has been developed to address issues that may arise within your magnetic (formally...